Local Agent (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Local Agent (Magic xpi 4.13)

Magic xpi installation can be performed on the same machine or across the local network.

Some business use-cases might require the projects deployed on the local network to communicate with each other. To make this communication possible Magic xpi provides the Local Agent implementation.

Local Agent can be defined as a solution that allows a project on one machine to make calls to a remote host to execute a project step in another machine on the same network and as well receive calls from a remote trigger to start a flow. The Local Agent implementation does not open additional ports on LAN, not use VPN connections and not touch client firewalls. Local Agent only communicates based on the publicly available protocols like HTTPS and secure web-sockets.

Magic xpi supports the Local Agent installation only for the Windows operating system and will not be available for the rest of the operating systems.

Since version: 4.12

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