Management Server and Management Console Installation (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Management Server and Management Console Installation (Magic xpi 4.13)

This section describes how to install the Local Agent Management Server and Management Console.

Management Server and Management Console is a separate web application deployed under Apache Tomcat application server. For example, Apache Tomcat 8.5.55.

Hereinafter <Tomcat> stands for the Apache Tomcat installation folder For example C:\apache-tomcat-8.5.55

The <Management> is the <Installer root>\LocalAgent\Management folder of the installation package.


The following services must be installed and running on your machine before starting the Tomcat server:

· Mosquitto MQTT broker used for communication

For more information on how to install Eclipse Mosquitto, click here.

· Minio used for data transfer

For more information on how to install Minio, click here.


  1. Stop Tomcat if it is running (For example, go to the <Tomcat>\bin folder and run shutdown.bat)

  2. Copy logback.xml, and management-ids.xml files from the <Management> folder to the <Tomcat>\lib folder

  3. Remove <Tomcat>\webapps\mgmt-console-api folder and <Tomcat>\webapps\mgmt-console-api.war file, if exists

  4. Copy mgmt-console-api.war file from <Management> folder to the <Tomcat>\webapps folder


Edit adjusting the following entries:


· (if needed)

· (if needed)

· minio.url

· localAgent.managementId

· kong.use.domain.authorization

· kong.username (if needed)

· kong.username (if needed)

They should match values entered in the setup screens for LAN installation and magic.ini entries for Magic xpi server.

The default values are:




· minio.url=http://localhost:9000

· localAgent.managementId=installation1

· kong.use.domain.authorization=false

· kong.username= c5-dev-developer

· kong.username=12345

Starting the Management Console

Start Tomcat application (e.g. run startup.bat in the <Tomcat>\bin folder)

A Tomcat server restart is required after doing any changes to the Tomcat installation for the Local Agent.