Installing Minio (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Installing Minio (Magic xpi 4.13)

This section describes how to install the Minio Service.

The Magic xpi Local Agent uses Minio as an open source object storage server for Data Transfer Service.

Download and Installation

The Minio server can be downloaded from:

The user should download the following files

· Minio.exe (MINIO server itself)

· Mc.exe (MINIO client)

After downloading, install Minio by opening the installation file.


Generating Data Folder and Predefined Buckets in Data Folder

Navigate to the folder where minio.exe and mc.exe are downloaded. The folder should contain the minio-storage.cmd command script file. Make sure that the data folder is created as a part of the previous step.

Run the following command:

minio-storage.cmd ./ ./data

As a result, buckets will be created and public access (without access key and secret key) to those buckets will be granted.

If the buckets are not created by running the above command, then try setting the minio home and running the command again as given below:

set minio_home=<Path to minio>

cd <Path to minio>

call minio-storage.cmd ./ ./data

At this time Minio server will also be started.

Starting the Minio Server for Additional Instances

Go to the Minio installation folder and run any of the following commands:

· minio.cmd

· minio.exe server ./data