Windows Installation (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Windows Installation (Magic xpa 3.x)

This section describes the Magic xpa installation process. The installation is facilitated using the Magic xpa Installation Wizard.

Please note the following installation-related issues:

  • You can have only one Magic xpa installation on your machine. Once Magic xpa is installed, subsequent running of the installation setup program will allow you to upgrade, repair, modify, or remove the installation of any Magic xpa product on your machine.

  • It is possible to install the Magic xpa Deployment Client module without having administrator rights. In this case, make sure you install Magic xpa to another folder other than the Program Files folder. Installation of the Studio or Magic xpa Server requires administrator rights.

  • If you encounter Windows security permission limitations when installing Magic xpa, try the following actions:

o Install Magic xpa to another folder other than the Program Files folder.

o Run the installation as an administrator.

o Make sure you have write permissions to the installation folder and project folder.

  • The actual content and sequence of the screens that you see during the installation will be determined by:

  • the selections that you make

  • elements that may already be installed on your system

  • your specific operating environment

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