Windows Help Screen (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Windows Help Screen (Magic xpa 3.x)

The Windows Help properties are:




You can re-inherit any broken properties or disinherit all properties for the Help model.

Help Filename

The name of the help file. The .hlp and .chm formats are supported.

Help Command

Help file commands. Click the Help command list to select a command to be passed to the Windows Help Engine. The available commands are:

Context – Displays Help for a particular topic identified by a context number that has been defined in the help file.

Contents – Displays the Contents topic as defined in the help file.

Setcontents – Designates a topic as the Contents topic and determines which Contents topic Help should display when a user presses the F1 key.

Context Popup – Displays a particular Help topic in a popup window. The topic is identified by a Context number that has been defined in the help file.

Key – Displays the topic found in the keyword list that matches the keyword passed in the Data property if there is one exact match. If there is more than one match, Key displays the Search dialog box with the topics listed in the Go To list box.

Command – Executes a Help macro.

Force File – Ensures that the application is displaying the correct Help file. If the correct Help file is currently displayed, there is no action. If an incorrect Help file is displayed, WinHelp opens the correct file.

Help on Help – Displays the Contents topic of the designated How To Use Help file.

Quit – Informs the Help application that Help is no longer needed. If no other applications have asked for Help, Windows closes the Help application.

For .chm files, only the following HTML commands are supported: Context, Contents and Quit. The other HTML commands are regarded as Contents.

Help Key

A number or string that identifies the Help screen. Select a command from the Help Command list that can be passed to the Windows Help Engine. The input type for this property varies by the Help command selected, as listed below:

  • For Context, Setcontents, or Context Popup, enter the context number for the required help topic.

  • For Contents, Force file, Help on Help, or Quit commands, the help key is not required and this property is ignored.

  • For Command, define a string containing a Help macro that can be executed.

  • For the Key command, define a string containing a keyword for the selected topic.