Web Client Applications (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Web Client Applications (Magic xpa 4.x)

Magic xpa provides a comprehensive solution for Web Client applications.

Web Client is a platform for developing and deploying business applications serving remote and distributed users.

Installation Requirements

To install the Web Client applications on the client, you require the following prerequisites:

  • Node-js - The JavaScript Runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine. Recommended version: 10.9 minimum.

Windows 32bit -

Windows 64bit -

  • NPM - The default package manager for JavaScript runtime environment Node-js. The installation of Node-js installs 6.9.0. hence no separate installation for NPM is required. Recommended version: 6.1.0 minimum.

  • Angular/CLI - A command line interface that can create a project, add files into it, and perform various development tasks such as testing, building, and deployment. Recommended version: 8.

  • HTML code editor - You can use Notepad++, WebStorm, or Visual Studio Code that supports development operations. Recommended Version: 1.14.0. You can download it from

Useful Resources

The following links provide you with the information that you will need to develop a Web Client application.

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