User-Defined Events (Magic xpa 4.x)

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User-Defined Events (Magic xpa 4.x)

Every operation in Magic xpa is executed according to a procedural scenario.

Magic xpa executes operations in the following order: Task Prefix operations, Record Prefix operations, Data View operations, Record Suffix operations, and Task Suffix operations.

Another method of executing Magic xpa operations is by using events.

Because events are not invoked in a procedural way it needs a "trigger" that determines when the event occurs. A trigger can be a:

  • Shortcut key or Key combination

  • Magic xpa internal event

  • Timer (time period)

  • Expression (when the expression returns 'True')

  • Raise Event operation

In other words, the event is a flag that tells the project engine that there is something to take care of. The way Magic xpa takes care of a triggered event is by using the Event Level handler.

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