TCP Listener Services (Magic xpi 3.x)

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TCP Listener Services (Magic xpi 3.x)

When you configure TCP Listener as a service, you need to define the following parameters (parameters in bold are mandatory):




Specifies the TCP port where the client requests are accepted and served.

Enter the port's value, or click to open the Environment Variables List. Choose the required variable, and click Select.

Retry Interval

Determines the amount of time (in seconds) that will elapse before the Magic xpi Server makes another attempt to invoke the flow, once the maximum number of instances have been reached. The default is 10 seconds.


Determines the idle time (in seconds) between the last response that the client received and the new request that the client submits. For example, if the idle time is set to 60 seconds, and the client does not submit the next request in this 60 second time interval, an error occurs and connection is terminated.

The default is 0 seconds, which means that no timeout will occur and the TCP Listener will not terminate the connection and will wait indefinitely for requests.

When you have defined the required parameters, click OK to save your settings and to exit the dialog box. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to exit the dialog box without saving the settings.