SpecialClientSecureMessages (Magic xpa 3.x)

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SpecialClientSecureMessages (Magic xpa 3.x)

This flag defines whether messages exchanged between the (Rich or Browser) client and the server will be secured (scrambled by the sender and unscrambled by the receiver).

For Browser Clients, this flag also controls the security of cached files. By default, cached files are scrambled by the server and unscrambled by the client while they are loaded into memory. When this flag is set to N, cached files are never scrambled or unscrambled.

Up until V3.1, this flag also controlled the security of cached files for Rich Clients. This functionality is now achieved using the SpecialRIAEncryptCache setting.

General note: The recommended approach to fully secure any Web-based application is by using the HTTPS protocol between the clients and their Web server.

Valid values: Y,N

Default value: Y

Since version: Up until V1.8, this flag was called SecureBrowserClient; HTTPS support – since version: 3.2a.