Service Repository (Magic xpi 3.x)

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Service Repository (Magic xpi 3.x)

Magic xpi's Service Repository provides you with a central location for the definition and management of exposed services. You can use these services when you add triggers to a flow. The Service Repository allows you to make modifications to your services outside of the project. This greatly simplifies the project's deployment phase.

You can define the following services in Magic xpi's Service Repository:

To define a new service in the Service Repository:

  1. From the Project menu, select Service Repository. The Service Setting dialog box opens.
    Alternatively, if the project is closed, you can access this dialog box by opening the Tools menu and selecting Services.

  2. Click New. The New Service dialog box opens. In the Service Type field, select the required service from the drop-down list. Enter a name for the service in the Service Name field, and click OK.

  3. Your new service now appears in the left pane of the Service Setting dialog box, either under the name that you entered or under a generic file carrying the same service type name.

  4. Click on the new service in the left pane. Enter a description for the service in the Service Setting Description field.

  5. Next, enter the service's parameters. These parameters are different for each service. The parameters that you define here also appear in the Component Properties dialog box, under the Settings tab, when you drag the component to the trigger area. For more information on specific service parameters, click on the services above.

  6. Each service has additional buttons that are specific to the service and are used to configure the service. For more information on these buttons, click on the service links above.

  7. When you have finished defining your service, click OK to save your service and to exit the dialog box.

  8. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to exit the dialog box without saving your new service.

If you right-click a service, a context menu with the following options opens:

  • Delete

  • Rename

  • Select as default: If you create more than one service under a specific service type, select this option to define one of these services as the default service for that type. This option is available when you right-click from a service that is not the default. The default service is identified by the icon.

The Service Setting dialog box also contains the following additional buttons that can be used with all service types:




Click this button to add a service to the list.


Click this button to display the Resource Setting dialog box, where active.

Since version: V3.1 SP1


Click this button to import a service file. You can either overwrite or append existing entries. Click here for more information.

Save As

Click this button to save a service to a specific location under another name.

Magic xpi saves the defined services in two separate XML files. These are:

  • The services.xml file: This is a general service type definition, and is saved in the Magic xpi installation folder. There is only one service type definition file for each Magic xpi Studio installation.

  • The service_types.xml file: This holds predefined service type definitions.


  • You can use environment variables in this repository with the following syntax:
    %environment variable name%. However, environment variables are not supported in the COM, EJB, Web Services, and Domino components.

  • The services are generated in the %currentprojectdir% folder.

Since version:


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