SAPB1 Multi Resources List (Magic xpi 4.6)

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SAPB1 Multi Resources List (Magic xpi 4.6)

This list enables you to select SAPB1 resources that you previously defined in the Settings dialog box's Resources section. You can then use these resources when you define SAPB1 services in the Settings dialog box's Services section.

  • Select the check box next to a specific SAPB1 resource, and click OK.

  • You can select more than one resource.

  • Check the All Resources box to select all available SAPB1 resources.

  • Enter the ODBC connection string in the Connection Properties column. This is enabled only if the resource’s DB Server Type is set to HANA DB. Here, you need to enter the ODBC connection string defined in the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box. The required format is <connection string>\<db owner>. If the backslash (\) is not entered, the entire entry will be regarded as the connection string and the db owner value will be taken from the SAPB1 resource’s Company Database property. For more information about how to work with SAPB1 HANA, click here. Since version: 4.5a

  • To close the SAPB1 Multi Resources List without making a selection, click Cancel.