SAPB1 - Error Handling (Magic xpi 4.6)

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SAPB1 – Error Handling (Magic xpi 4.6)

The Magic xpi Server Flow Manager checks for errors during the execution of a step. If there is an error in an SAPB1 connector step, the Error Handler is invoked and handles the error.

The first error in the step causes the termination of the step execution. If the step has multiple methods, and an error occurs in one of these methods, all subsequent methods are not executed.

The error codes for the SAPB1 connector are listed below. You can also use Magic xpi's General Component Errors with the SAPB1 connector. The codes are returned to the Magic xpi Server in the Invocation program’s Error Code parameter.

Error Code



Connect process: Could not connect to the company database

This error is quite rare. It means that none of the known errors occurred, but that the session was still not opened.


Disconnect process: Failed to disconnect from the company database

This error is also quite rare. It means that there has been a problem in the disconnection process.


SAPB1 error return <Err No> : <Err Description>

Connectivity to SAP Business One, using a Data Interface Application Programming Interface (DI API), contains two phases:

  1. Connectivity to the DI API.

  2. SAP Business One approval of the data and execution.

When this error is returned, it means that the first phase was completed successfully. The error is a SAP Business One error, and there are several possible reasons for its occurrence:

  • (-1) Duplicate key. When using the multi-add option and you get this error, you also get (in the description) the number of the BO in the array that caused the failure. For example, if you try to add five BPs and the third one is already in there, you will get 1005+(B1s -1) with a pointer to the second BO (the index is zero-based).

  • (-8008) There is a problem with the DB user named OBSCommon. In this case, you should recreate that user.

  • (###) The exchange rate is not set. When adding a document into SAP Business One (orders, invoices, etc.), the exchange rate for the document date should be set. Two new methods were added that allow you to automate the exchange rate update: SetExchangeRate and GetExchangeRate.


Internal error return <Err No> : <Err Description>

This error means that the first phase, discussed above, failed.

Here are some ground rules for understanding the error and what causes it:

  • Errors 3/13: This means that the DI crashed when calling the method mentioned in the description, and that the session is no longer open. “Session was closed” appears in the suffix of the description.

  • “Failed calling method GetBusinessObjectFromXML” appears when you use an add action with an XML interface. This means that the XML that was generated or given is in the wrong structure, one of its simple nodes holds a value that is not valid, and/or you are trying to map values to read-only fields. For information about how to solve this issue, click here.


Unknown\Unsupported data object: <data object name>

This error usually tells you that the connector could not find its internal metadata, called SAP Business One Metadata (until V2.5 SP2) or SAP Business One Metadata2 (from V2.5 SP2).


The Magic xpi SAP Business One adaptor is not licensed

The license that you used to activate Magic xpi is not a valid SAP Business One license.


Error retrieving mandatory parameter from XML (parameter <Param Name>)

When you use an XML interface to update or delete an object (this error can occur only with this interface), the user must enter a value to the simple element of the compound QueryParams. If the user does not enter a value in this element, this error is returned.


Could not find resource <resource name>

This error indicates that there was an error in finding the resource.


Query failure

Query returned an error message.


Magic xpi's SAP Business One connector exceeded the number of database connections permitted by your license. Can not access database <Server_DBName>

The SAP Business One License contains the number of database connections that are permitted. This error message is returned when the Magic xpi SAP Business One connector exceeds this amount.


The 'ibolt_notification' stored procedure does not exist in the <ServerName_DBName> database

When the 'ibolt_notification' stored procedure is not found, an error message is returned.


There is no reference to the 'ibolt_notification' stored procedure in the <ServerName_DBName> database's 'SBO_SP_TransactionNotification' stored procedure

This error indicates that the 'ibolt_notification' stored procedure does not exist in this context.


If an error occurs when you use the XML interface to add objects, an XML file is returned. The error flow is invoked for each object, and, if an error occurs, the XML that was created is passed to the error flow.

This enables you to gain a greater understanding of why a specific error occurred.

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