SAP ERP (Magic xpi 4.13)

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SAP ERP (Magic xpi 4.13)

The SAP ERP connector enhances Magic xpi integration capabilities by allowing you to connect to SAP systems by using SAP's Remote Function Call (RFC) and Intermediate Documents (IDoc) mechanisms. It allows you to use the Data Mapper as an integral part of the component functionality, to read data received from SAP ERP and to create, update, and delete data in SAP ERP. This connector is compatible with the Local Agent implementation.

  • This component is not supported on all platforms. See here for more information.

  • Since Magic xpi 4.12, the SAP R/3 and SAP SDK components are renamed as SAP ERP. After migrating a project to Magic xpi 4.12, you will have to recreate the SAP ERP resource and service which get migrated along with the project. Also check the migration log for the more details.

There are certain issues with SAP and Magic xpi regarding licensing requirements. This section is designed to clarify the SAP license requirement, as defined by SAP, when Magic xpi is used with a SAP ERP system.

License Type

SAP-certified third-party products (like Magic xpi) are eligible for a discounted, named-user license, for accessing SAP ERP data through the certified interface. This license is called the SAP Platform Extended User License. Magic xpi, as a SAP-certified product, is eligible to use this discounted license type. It appears in the list of qualifying products here.

Named Users

It is important to understand what the term "named user" means. According to SAP, a named user of a third-party certified product is "an employee of the Partner or an Affiliate thereof who is authorized to access, directly or indirectly, the licensed software". Since the licensed software is Magic xpi, and Magic xpi is only used by the administrator, a named user is the user who is administering Magic xpi. So, every Magic xpi server requires a single SAP Platform Extended User License for the Magic xpi administrator. Note that this special license already includes the Netweaver runtime license required to access the server. In case of doubt, the customer should communicate directly with its relevant SAP contacts as to which SAP ERP licenses are needed.

The SAP ERP connector uses XML schema representation of RFCs and IDocs to manipulate data sent and received from the SAP ERP system. You can then map Magic xpi data to the SAP ERP RFC and IDoc arguments.

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