Rich Client Troubleshooting (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Rich Client Troubleshooting (Magic xpa 3.x)


Why am I getting the "Application not supported by any Enterprise Server" error?


This error can appear if the application name is not configured properly in the HTML file (under the rcExecProps XML Island section).


Why am I getting the "Program not found" error?


This error can appear if the Program name is not configured properly in the HTML file (under the rcExecProps XML Island section).


Why do I keep getting the "Would you like to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework?" message?


When you try to run a RIA application from the browser, you may get this message even if you already have .NET Framework installed on your computer.

To solve this problem, set the manifest file to open with the Deployment Support Library instead of any other program and run it again.


Why am I getting the "No connection could be made because target machine actively refused it" error?


This error appears when there is no response from the Web server. A possible reason is that the Web server is down.


When trying to install a RIA application on a client's machine, why am I getting the "417 Expectation Failed" error?


This error can occur when the client machine is using a proxy server. The problem can be solved by defining the IP address of the RIA server as not supported at the customer's proxy server.

In addition, with RIA applications, you cannot specify a PAC file that is accessed using file://..... , only via http://.....


Why am I getting an error in my RIA application when I use an .ins file for an automatic configuration script?


ClickOnce does not support .ins files.

To see a manual solution from Microsoft for using an .ins file with IE8, see


How come my Rich Client program only runs from the Studio the first time I press F7?


Make sure that the engine is in Background mode. You set this from the Options menu:

Options > Settings > Environment > System > Deployment mode.

Check if you have a file named “program” on the root of the drive where Magic xpa is installed. For example, if Magic xpa is installed under C:\program files\MSE, check if you have a file named “program” under C:\.

If it exists, delete it and restart Magic xpa.


Why am I getting the "Project cannot be executed without a startup program or an MDI frame" error?


This error may appear after publishing a RIA project and trying to connect from a client. The error message is displayed when an MDI Frame is not defined in the Main program and no Start program name is selected.

When deploying a Rich Client application there are 2 options when the client is connected:

  1. A certain program will be displayed.

  2. The MDI will be displayed.

To display a certain program, the program should be selected while deploying the application.

From the Start program name field, you can zoom to select a program or type a program's public name.

Note that the first program that is displayed for the client should have a public name and it should be marked as External.

To display the MDI, the Start program name field should be left empty, but an MDI Frame should be defined in the Main program.


When trying to run a RIA application, why am I getting the "Exception during parsing: Inaccessible Keyboard Mapping" error?


This error occurs when the server cache folder is not defined or does not exist.

So when the client wants to retrieve the runtime files, such as the keyboard mapping files, it fails and you see this error message.

Make sure that the folder defined in the Rich Client Cache Path property exists in the file system.


Why can't I launch the application?


This error can appear when the location of the HTML and manifest files that are being executed is different than the one written in them.


Why is the Web server inaccessible?


This error can appear for the following reasons:

  1. The MagicScripts alias is not configured properly in the IIS.

  2. The Server name or Aliases are not configured properly in the HTML file (under the rcExecProps XML Island section).


Why am I getting a message that downloading the manifest did not succeed?


If the server does not have .NET installed on it, you need to define the following MIME type extensions:

  • .manifest application/x-ms-application

  • .application application/x-ms-application

These MIME types are required for ClickOnce to deploy the Rich Client application.


Why am I getting a message that the IIS does not have .NET installed or the MIME types are not set?


Set the following option in Internet Explorer to Disable: Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level ->Open files based on content, not file extension. With Internet Explorer 7, this setting does not have any effect.


Why am I getting the "405 Method Not Allowed" error?


See the Configuring IIS 7 to Work with Magic xpa Technical Note.


Why am I getting the "503 Service Unavailable" HTTP error?


Generally, IIS 7.0 defines two HTTP status codes that indicate a more specific cause of a 503 error:

1. 503.0 - Application pool unavailable.

The request is sent to an application pool that is currently stopped or that is currently disabled.

To resolve this issue, make sure that the destination application pool is started.

The event log may give information about why the application pool is stopped or disabled.

In some cases, you might want to make sure the AppPool is started automatically.

Click here for a detailed article about this error.

You can also try removing the Windows Process Activation Service ( and re-installing the IIS.

2. 503.2 - Concurrent request limit exceeded.

The appConcurrentRequestLimit property is set to a value that is lower than the current number of concurrent requests.

IIS 7.0 does not allow more concurrent requests than the value of the appConcurrentRequestLimit property.


Why am I getting an HTTP status 413 error?


This error is a result of a size limitation for IIS. IIS is limited, by default, to receive requests with a size of up to 48K.

Change the maxRequestEntityAllowed and uploadReadAheadSize metabase properties to a number smaller than 48K.

For example:

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv>appcmd set config -section:asp -limits.maxRequestEntityAllowed:1000000

Applied configuration changes to section "system.webServer/asp" for "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST" at configuration commit path "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST"

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv>appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webServer/serverRuntime /uploadReadAheadSize:1000000

Applied configuration changes to section "system.webServer/serverRuntime" for "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST" at configuration commit path "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST"


When trying to run a Rich Client program with a new Magic xpa installation, why am I getting the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error?


The error occurs when the IIS is not allowed to reach the requester under the scripts directory.

For more information, see Setting Permissions for the Scripts Directory.


Why am I getting the "Cannot create file: ...\" error?


This error can appear on the Windows 7 operating system if the HTTP Requester environment setting is not defined properly. This is usually the case if a Web server was not running on the machine before Magic xpa was installed.


Why can't I display a PDF file in a RIA Browser control?


When working with Internet Explorer and Acrobat 6, the following error may appear:

line 1 invalid character

line 0 object expected

To solve this problem, in Internet Explorer, add http://localhost to the trusted sites list (Control Panel->Internet Options->Security->Trusted sites->Sites).


Why can't an SWF video be directly shown in a Browser control if IE 7 is in use?


If you are using IE7 and try to directly show the SWF video in the Browser control, a parsing error occurs after executing the program. This is because the IE 7 security measures regarding playing scripts files in the ActiveX Browser control have been changed and won't allow us to show the SWF video directory in the Active X Browser control.

You can read more about this problem at:

When we try to open a Microsoft ActiveX control-based MIME handler in Windows Internet Explorer 7 it prompts the parsing error. This problem occurs because the FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_SCRIPT (new security registry key that was added in Internet Explorer 7) registry key prevents the execution of a script file in the local machine zone when the file is hosted in an Internet zone HTML page or an intranet zone HTML page.

It also suggests two workarounds:

A. Add the site to the trusted zone i.e. if we place the server name (on which the Rich Client application is deployed) in the trusted sites of IE 7, such as http://servername (e.g.http://myserver), and then execute this program, it works correctly and shows the SWF file in the Browser control.

B. Opt-in to Local Machine Zone Lockdown:

1. Click Start, click Run, type Regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.

2. Locate and click the following registry key:

3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_SCRIPT

4. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.

5. In the DWORD Value box, type uniRC.

If you do not want to use these workarounds suggested by Microsoft, then instead of referring directly to the SWF, you can use HTML with the SWF embedded and show that HTML in the Browser control.


Why can’t I see images in RIA programs?


This can happen if the value written in the HTTP Requester environment setting is not set properly. Make sure that the environment setting is set properly.


Why is the Rich Client program that I'm calling displayed behind the parent form?


In Rich Client tasks, unless the called program is Modal, the caller and called programs keep running. Therefore, for example, when calling a Rich Client program from another Rich Client program at the Control Prefix level, the focus returns to the control in the caller program and the called task goes to the background.

To prevent this, you can do one of the following:

  1. Change the called task to Modal. This will replicate Online behavior, where when calling an Online task, only one task runs at a time.

  2. Raise an event in the Control Prefix with Wait=No, so the program will be called after the control gets the focus.


Why am I getting an error when clicking the start button of a RIA program?


The first activation of a RIA program is done via an HTML page (publish.html). In some cases the start button does not work or an error is displayed when clicking the start button, either 'Cannot open an anonymous level security token' or 'Security id is incorrect...'.

These errors are mostly seen when working with IE8/Vista and because of some different settings of a Distributed COM with respect to the security on that specific client.

You need to confirm the Distributed COM security settings from component services as follows:

1. From the start menu, click Run, type in dcomcnfg.exe and press Enter.

2. From Component Services > Computers, right click on My Computer and select the Properties option.

3. From the Default Properties tab, set the Default Authentication Level to Connect.

4. Set the Impersonation Level to Identify.


While deploying a RIA application from a non-Microsoft Internet Explorer browser why am I getting an error?


This is because deploying a RIA program uses the Microsoft ClickOnce deployment.

While Microsoft Internet Explorer has this ability out of the box, other browsers require a manual installation of a ClickOnce add-on.

Simply browse to the vendor's website and look for the appropriate add-on.


Why is the MgxpaRIA_xxx directory not being created in the PublishedApplications\ folder after deploying the application using the Rich Client Deployment Builder?


This is because the [MAGIC_RIA] section of the Magic.ini file contains the following setting:

[MAGIC_RIA] ClientModulesPath=RIAModules\

This parameter was supported in older versions (up to version 1.8). From version 1.9 onwards, this parameter no longer exists in the Magic.ini file's [MAGIC_RIA] section.

The issue can be resolved by removing this parameter from the Magic.ini file.


Why am I getting an error in the RIA client error logs that the filename or extension is too long?


This error will occur when calling a parallel Rich Client program with large values in the arguments.

When a RIA program calls a RIA parallel program, it spawns a new MgxpaRIA.exe process and passes execution properties, including arguments, to the spawned process.

The size of command line arguments to a spawned process is limited to 32,698 bytes. Passing larger values causes the Call operation to fail and this error is written to the RIA client error logs.


Why am I getting a Web exception error when sending large files from the client to the server?


The Web requester limit for Magic xpa is set to 10MB. If you are using files larger than 10MB, you will see the web exception error. To support larger Web requests, you need to change the maxRequestLength attribute in the <Magic xpa 3.0>\Scripts\web.config file.


I receive the following error: Request's Session Counter #X <> Server's Session Counter #Y. What can I do?


This error is often seen because of short timeouts. Try to:

  1. Increase the value of the RequesterTimeoutSec property in the scripts\config\mgreq.ini file.

  2. Define a value in the HTTPRequestTimeout property in the MAGIC_RIA section of the magic.ini file.

  3. Increase the IIS timeout by adding executionTimeout="600" to the httpruntime tag under the system.web section in the \Scripts\web.config/ For example:

<!-- IIS6 settings-->



<httpRuntime executionTimeout="600" maxRequestLength="10240" requestValidationMode="2.0" />



  1. When using the GigaSpaces middleware, remove the remark from the -Dcom.magicsoftware.xpa.HttpResponseMaxReuseTime=60 line in the GigaSpaces-xpa\bin\setenv.bat file. This means that the Magic xpa servers will keep each HTTP response in the space for 60 seconds.


Why is my application working slowly?


You can either set the DisplayStatisticInformation execution property to Y or use the ClientSessionStatisticsGet function in order to determine where the time is spent – network, middleware or Magic xpa servers.


When opening a RIA application, why am I getting the "Internal server error 500" IIS error?


In IIS, check if the MagicScripts for the Magic installation is defined as Virtual Directory.

If it is, change it to Application so that it can be linked with the Application Pool for the Magic xpa application. Then, restart IIS.