Resource Settings and the Monitor (Magic xpi 3.x)

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Resource Settings and the Monitor (Magic xpi 3.x)

The Monitor also provides a way to configure a project’s resources during deployment.

You can access the Resource Repository, for editing purposes, through the Magic xpi Monitor. To do this, click the Environment menu, and select Resource Repository. The repository behaves in exactly the same way as it does when you access it through the Magic xpi Studio. See the other topics in this section for additional information.

Changes are saved to the file and will take effect when the project is started again.


  • You cannot currently edit Database resources, using the Validate, Table, and Owner buttons, in the Monitor environment. All Database resource parameters must be defined, and edited if necessary, in the Magic xpi Studio's Resource Repository.

  • If you modify the Service Repository files when there is no open project, the change is made in the default Service files in the installation folder. If you modify them when a project is open, the change is made in the project's Service file.