Query Mode Behavior (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Query Mode Behavior (Magic xpa 4.x)

Engine execution flow is similar for a task in Query or Modify mode, with the following unique behavior for Query mode:

  • For Batch tasks, execution flow is identical for Query and Modify modes with the exception of database update. In Modify mode, every record is read, processed, and rewritten to the database. In Query mode, all the database tables involved in the task are opened in Read Only mode and only read operations are performed on the data, even if the data source itself was opened for Write access. Query mode should be used for output-only purposes because it is faster than Modify mode.

  • For Online tasks and Rich Client tasks in Query mode, all updates or deletes to records and variables are blocked, regardless of their source, whether user input or procedural task operations. However, in Query mode of an Online task or Rich Client task, a special accelerated Locate facility, called Incremental Locate, is available to the user. For this facility, user input is used to incrementally search the database table for the value that the user has input into the fields on the task’s form. This Locate allows high-powered browsing through data without damaging its contents. The Locate facility can be disabled by the developer.

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