Post Context Unload Timeout (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Post Context Unload Timeout (Magic xpa 3.x)

The browser can exit a running Browser task by moving back or forward from the Browser task page, or by closing the browser window. These actions move the context into pending mode, where the browser awaits a return to the Browser task page.

When the browser returns to the Browser task, the context is reloaded, the information preserved on the server is refreshed, and the end user can continue using the Browser task.

The Post Context Unload Timeout setting determines the timeout of a context when the task page is switched to another page using the browser (such as Back, Forward, or a different URL). If the timeout has not expired, returning to the previous page reloads the last positioned context. If the timeout value has expired, the context for the previous task page is terminated.

The timeout value increments are defined in tenths of seconds. If you set the value as 0, no timeout duration is set and the context is cleared immediately.

Default: 1200 tenths of a second, meaning 2 minutes

Change effective: Immediate

Magic.ini and Command Line name: ContextUnloadTimeout