Monitor Troubleshooting (Magic xpi 4.7)

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Monitor Troubleshooting (Magic xpi 4.7)


Why isn't the Monitor opening?


When trying to open the Monitor, the browser might fail (<Monitor display server IP>:8068/magicmonitor/panels.jsp).

If the site is not responding, it might be because the service or the relevant process is not running. If the "Error: Cannot connect to display server" message appears, it could be that only a partial process is running.

To solve this issue, try the following:

  1. Make sure that the MSE service is running. If it is not, start it.

  2. Check the port configuration:

    • Apache – Look in the server.xml file located in the apache\conf folder.

    • RTView display server port

      • <rootInstallation>\RTView\magicmonitor\DISPLAYSERVER.ini

      • The DisplayServerPort value in file located in the <rootInstallation>\RTView\magicmonitor\ folder

  3. The port could be already in use. Stop the Magic xpi service and manually run the batch files.

    • While running the run_displayserver.bat file, the following error might occur: "ERROR: can’t create server socket on port".


When trying to open the Projects View (Activity Log) in the Monitor, the "An error occurred while reading the project details" error is displayed. Why is this?


This error is generated by an inability to write information to the project's folder. This can be caused by:

  1. Not having the required permissions to write to the project's folder.

  2. Not having enough free space on the disk.


Why is the Monitor minimizing and flickering when I try to access it remotely?


Try the following to solve this issue:

  1. Instead of using the machine name, use the IP address of the destination machine in the URL. For example: http://<IP address>:8068/magicmonitor/panels.jsp.

  1. Follow the below given steps:

    • Go to the Settings of Internet Explorer.

    • Select Internet options.

    • Go to the Security tab.

    • Select Local intranet zone to change the security settings.

    • Click the Sites button. It will open the Local intranet wizard.

    • Click the Advanced button.

    • Add http://localhost to the Websites text box.