Mail Functions (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Mail Functions (Magic xpa 3.x)

This section provides a description of the Mail functions.


The Mail functions only support Ansi and UTF8.

MailBoxSet – Lets you switch to another mailbox of a currently connected IMAP mail server.

MailConnect – Opens a connection to a mail server.

MailDisconnect – Closes a connection to an email server.

MailError – Translates a given mail error code that has been returned from one of the functions described above to a readable error message.

MailFileSave – Saves a message attachment to a file on a disk.

MailLastRC – Lets you retrieve the most recent error that occurred when using any of the mail functions.

MailMsgBCC – Retrieves the BCC string of the selected mail message.

MailMsgCC – Returns a comma-delimited string of all the CC addresses.

MailMsgDate – Retrieves the date and time information of the selected mail message identified by its index.

MailMsgDel – Deletes a message from the server mailbox.

MailMsgFile – Returns the file name of the specific attachment of the message.

MailMsgFiles – Returns the number of attachments of the message.

MailMsgFrom – Returns the address from which the message was sent.

MailMsgHeader – Retrieves the header information of the selected mail message.

MailMsgId – Returns the unique ID of an email message.

MailMsgReplyTo – Retrieves the reply to string of the selected mail message.

MailMsgSubj – Returns the subject string of the message.

MailMsgText – Returns the body text string of the message.

MailMsgTo – Returns a comma-delimited string of all the main addresses to which the message is sent.

MailSend – Used to send an email. It requires all the information needed to send an email.