Magic xpa Component Items (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Magic xpa Component Items (Magic xpa 3.x)

When you zoom from the Name column in the Composite Resource Repository, the Magic xpa Component Items repository appears.

The component interface is based on the items that are included in the component. The Magic xpa Component Items repository is organized by tabs.

Each tab displays a specific type of item (such as Models, Data Sources, Programs). The individual component items are listed under the required component item type.

You cannot change the items here, but you can zoom to look at the details of each item.

Each tab includes the following columns:




An automatically generated identifier number.


The name of the item.

Public Name

The public name of the item.


Information about the item.

You can click the Environment button to access the component's Environment repository.

You can use the Find Reference utility (Ctrl+F) from here to see where an item is used. This becomes very important when you are deciding whether to change or delete a component.

By default, your components’ comments are not exposed. You can expose them by checking the Expose comments when used as a component check box in the component's application properties. Since version: 1.9e

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