MAGICXPI GS (Magic xpi 4.5)

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[MAGICXPI_GS] (Magic xpi 4.5)




This flag determines the specific Space that the Magic xpi server should connect to.


This flag is used by the Magic xpi server to connect to a specific group within the Space that was identified by the SpaceName= flag (above).

The value for this flag should be identical to the LOOKUPGROUPS value defined in the setenv.bat file (located in the GigaSpaces\bin folder). If the Space is loaded using a LOOKUPGROUPS value that is different from the one defined by the LookUpGroupName= flag, the project will not run in the Space.


This flag holds the details of the locators that you defined in the GigaSpaces Configuration screen's Use the following locators (Unicast) parameter. These details are shown as a comma-delimited <host:port> list of the locators' services.


This flag defines the name of the startup XML for the Magic xpi Studio, Monitor, and Debugger. When a project is started, the Monitor and the Debugger search for this XML under the specific project folder.

The default value for this flag (and if this flag does not exist) is start.xml.

The following settings do not appear in the file by default. You need to define them manually in order to use them.




To prevent asynchronous triggers from flooding the Space with unhandled flow request messages, each trigger maintains a buffer queue (default of 10 messages) that will be used to prevent the creation of new events if the queue exceeds the predefined size.

To overwrite the default value, add this flag to the [MAGICXPI_GS] section of the Magic.ini file, and then set the new trigger default buffer value as required.

The trigger will stop polling once it finds that the amount of unhandled messages in the Space is equal to or greater than the buffer value.


Remember that this flag defines the buffer size for all triggers. It is currently not possible to define a different size per trigger.


This flag is used to tell Magic xpi to prioritize messages with a higher depth when reading messages from the Space. This ensures that a business process (a process starting from a root message that may have parallels in various levels) is completed before a new one starts.

The default value for this flag (and if this flag does not exist) is Y.


This flag is used to control the message ordering of Directory Scanner triggers.

When this flag is set to Y, the trigger behaves synchronously and will not select the next file until the previous one was processed or aborted.

In addition, recovery must be set on the flow to make sure that even if there is a crash, the flow will end in a controlled way.