MAGIC JAVA (Magic xpi 3.x)

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[MAGIC_JAVA] (Magic xpi 3.x)




The Java Development Kits folder. This overrides the JAVA_HOME setting in the operating system.


The path for the JVM.dll file. When this setting is used, the JVM.dll file will be loaded from this path instead of searching for it in the folders defined in the operating system path.

If the value set in JVM_PATH is not suffixed with .dll, the value will be inserted into the path in which Magic xpi will search for the JVM.JVM, according to the search path of Windows ( Otherwise, Magic xpi will dynamically load the specified dll file.


The path for locating additional classes. When this setting is used, it will be added at the beginning of the operating system’s classpath string.


Additional parameters that can be sent to the Java Virtual Machine. Here you can set the amount memory that the Magic xpi server uses when it loads. This flag contains arguments that are passed to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

  • The -Xms argument sets the initial memory size for the JVM. This means that when you start the Magic xpi server, the JVM will allocate this amount of memory instantly. This is useful if your program will consume a large amount of heap memory right from the start.

  • The -Xmx argument defines the maximum memory size that the JVM can allocate. A low value can cause poor performance and even lead to an out-of-memory error.

The Magic xpi server installation procedure sets these arguments as:

JVM_ARGS=-Xms256m -Xmx256m

If you have two instances of the Magic xpi server, each instance will grab 256MB of memory, meaning 512MB. In most cases, the Magic xpi default is sufficient.