Logs Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Logs Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

The Logs page gives the user an option to view as well as download the logs for the Agents. The user can view the logs for the Agent deployed on the Hosts.

To download the logs, the user can select the relevant Agent Service from the Source column.

The Logs page shows the list of logs available. The logs table shows the logs for a given Host and an Agent and displays when the logs were Last Refreshed.

Log Filtering Criteria

The logs can be filtered based on various criteria.

Filter based on Source

The different sources on which the logs can be filtered are

· Agent Service

· Java Connector

· .NET connector

· Agent Connector

Filter based on Interval

The logs can be filtered based on a time interval or a date range. User can specify the From and To date to filter the logs.

Filter based on File Name

User can also filter the logs by specifying the file name as well.

The .NET connectors should use the NLog system for their logging. Any other logging system will not produce desired logs.

For details about NLog system you can visit sites such as