Logical Names Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Logical Names Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

Logical names help in writing portable applications. The Logical Names facility allows development of applications without any explicit relation to physical storage media or operating system naming conventions. Magic xpa achieves such portability by translating project Logical Names at runtime, according to the Logical Name repository used as the translation repository of the installation. A logical name can be used whenever a file name is to be used.

The Logical Name repository includes the following columns:




The logical name identifier (#) used in the project. Magic xpa sets this column automatically.


The logical name used in the project. This name will be replaced with the value input in the Translation column at runtime. The Name is constant for all installations of the same project.

In Magic xpa, logical names are case sensitive.


Contains the actual value that should replace the logical name during actual file access. You can change this setting for each installation.

You can use other logical names within the translation by adding the % sign at the beginning and end of the name.

The Logical Name repository always includes the internal EngineDir, TempDir and WorkingDir logical names. For more information about these logical names, see Retrieving the Project Directories.

The logical names are stored in the Magic.ini file.

For information about the messaging component's logical names, click here.

For more detailed information about the settings, see Logical Names Usage.

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