Logical - Function (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Logical (Magic xpa 2.x)

Converts a string from a visual representation to a logical one.
This function gives the developer the ability to change the way Magic xpa handles mixed strings. The possible ways of handing mixed strings are Logical and Visual. Logical is the way the engine treats the strings internally, but sometimes the strings are provided as Visual. So, if a developer would like the 'Logical' strings to be presented as Visual, they can be converted using the Visual function. Likewise, if a developer needs to handle a set of data that was provided as 'Visual' and wants to make it coherent with the way the Magic xpa engine is handling the strings, then they can be converted using the Logical function.


Logical(string, reverse)


string: Input Alpha string.

reverse: A Boolean True or False, specifying whether to reverse the result. If the result is intended for a left-to-right environment, no reverse is needed.


If True, the string will be displayed with best results when presented from Right to Left. If False, the string will be displayed with best results when presented from Left to Right.


This function supports right-to-left applications.

For this function to work in Offline tasks, the function must be first executed in a non-Offline task (when there is a network connection).