Internet Requesters (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Internet Requesters (Magic xpa 2.x)

Magic xpa provides two Internet requesters for the various types of Web servers in the scripts subdirectory under the Magic xpa installation directory:

  • MGrqispi.dll – The Magic Internet Requester that can be used in Microsoft Web servers.

  • MGrqcgi.exe – The Magic Internet Requester that can be used to access any Web server. Since this CGI-based requester is common to all Web servers, it is much slower in performance than the specific requesters mentioned above.


It is recommended to use the ISAPI requester when using the Microsoft IIS Web server and the CGI requester for other Web servers, such as Apache.

The Magic Internet requester module requires additional files:

  • MGrqgnrc.dll – The Generic Messaging layer

  • Mgreq.ini – The initialization file


When installing several Magic xpa versions on a Web server that does not support different dlls with the same name, it is advised to rename the requester dll.

Web Servers

You must have at least one working Web server installed before you can develop any Magic xpa applications for the Internet. An Internet Requester module must be installed on the Web server. During a typical Magic xpa installation, the installation program automatically detects the installed Web server, and defines and sets the required Internet Requester module.

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