How Do I Show a Dynamic Form Title? (Magic xpa 3.x)

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How Do I Show a Dynamic Form Title? (Magic xpa 3.x)

Windows that have a title bar typically have text written across the title. By default, Magic xpa shows the form name on the title bar. However, you can change the title bar dynamically, at runtime, using variables in an expression.

Using an expression in a form title

  1. Go to the Form Editor.

  2. Open up the Form Properties (Alt+Enter).

  3. Go to the Form Name property.

  4. Expand the property and zoom from the Expression line.

  5. Create an expression that will evaluate to the title you want. In this case, the title will read ‘Customers for salesperson’ and the user ID.

Now, this expression will show at runtime in the title bar. Notice that the old form name is still there: it will show while we are working on the form in the Studio.

Hint: This is a nice technique to use even for static titles, when the title is too long for the form name field.

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