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Folders (Magic xpa 3.x)

Folders are displayed under their repository in the Repository section of the navigator. Each folder represents a group of related repository objects. You can create a folder for a selected repository, by pressing F4.

The navigator lets you:

  • Display or hide folders

  • Enter a folder name

  • View the number of objects in a folder

A folder is an object that lets you organize entries in a repository. For example, a folder may contain data sources 10 to 13, and another folder may contain data sources 14 to 27.

Each repository can have numerous folders. Each folder must represent a sequential range of entries in the repository. When a user drags and drops an entry from one folder to another, Magic xpa automatically renumbers the data sources to maintain an unbroken sequence of listed entries.

An entry does not need to be stored in a folder. Individual entries appear at the top of the entry list and are visible when the entire repository is visible.

You can create folders for the following repositories:

  • Data

  • Program

  • Help

  • Rights

  • Models

  • Components

Click the Folder column in the selected repository to specify the folder where the entry is stored.

Folders have the following characteristics:

You can create (F4), delete (F3), or rename a folder by parking the cursor on a folder in the Navigator pane. Magic xpa does not allow duplicate folder names.

Note: Before you delete a folder, it needs to be empty. You should move the items in the folder to another folder. Also, when you are using version control, be sure you have the repository checked out first.

You can easily jump to a different folder in a repository by choosing the Jump to Folder option on the Options menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J to select the folder you want to jump to.

You can move an item from one folder to another by clicking the folder name displayed in the Folder column. Choose another folder from the list box.

When you open the Locate dialog box within a folder, Magic xpa prompts you to enter the name of the program, its folder, public name, and so on.

Selecting an entry in another folder does not change the current folder. You must select another folder from the Folder column to change folders.

When you generate a program from the Data repository, the Folder property lets you specify the folder where the program is placed.

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