End User Functionality Component (Magic xpa 4.x)

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End User Functionality Component (Magic xpa 4.x)

The End User Functionality component provides an interface for the user to perform the Range, Locate, Sort, View Index, Print Data and exporting data to Excel.

The source code for this component is also available in the Add_On\UserFunctionality directory, so you can customize the screens of the component as you wish.

This component is added by default to new projects. Since version: 2.0a

This component is usually not needed for mobile device applications. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the default entry, UserFunctionality, from the CRR when developing a mobile application.

To provide this functionality to the end user:

  1. If the End User Functionality component is not defined in your application:

In the Composite Resource Repository (CRR), create a new line.

Zoom to select the UserFunctionality.eci application from the Add_On\UserFunctionality directory.

  1. In your programs, make sure that the Range, Locate, Sorting, and Print Data task properties are set to Yes in order to allow the required functionality.

When end users run the program, they will then be able to access this functionality from the Options menu or via the keyboard shortcuts.

After the Range, Locate or Sort functionality is invoked, the focus will return to the first control in the task. If you want to return to the previous control, you can change the component code and add an Evaluate operation with the expression CtrlGoto(LastPark(1),0,1) after the Raise View Refresh event in the Task Suffix of task 1 in the Main Program. For this to work, all controls must have unique control names.

To open the Range screen before a Batch task starts and apply this range on the Batch task data: (Since version: 3.2b)

  1. Open the UserFunctionality.eci file in Notepad and remove the // prefix from the following line:

    // EVNT=PUBLIC="RangeLocateSort" RMK="" HELPKEY=""

  2. In the host application, reload the UserFunctionality component (using the updated UserFunctionality.eci file).

  3. In The Task Prefix logic unit of your Batch programs, add a Raise event operation with the Wait property set to Yes.

  4. Select the RangeLocateSort user event (from the User Functionality component) and send R (for Range) as the parameter value.

Relevant interfaces: This component cannot be used in Offline tasks.

Since version:


Print Data for Online – since 2.0

Local data source support – since 2.5

View Index support – since 3.2

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