Distributives Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Distributives Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

A customer will have Local Agent running on different systems. When a new version of Local Agent service is to be released, the customer will have to individually manage it on every system. To avoid that Distributives mechanism has been introduced which helps in managing everything from a centralized location.

The Distributives page lets the user manage the Local Agent service distributives. The user can upload the new version of the Agent Service distributive, and delete the added versions.

The page also provides a filter to search the Local Agent service distributives based on the pre-defined criteria. The filter available is Version field.

Upload Distributive

Click this button to upload a new version of Agent Service distributive. This will open the folder selection dialog box. Select the path to the distributive folder and click OK to upload the distributive. To exit the selection, click Cancel.

If the path to the distributive is valid and the distributive with the same version does not exist in the distributive list, the user will be provided with a confirmation box. On confirmation, the distributive will be uploaded. Once the upload is finished, the new version will be available in the Distributives page.

If the version already exists in the storage, the error message will be displayed for the same.

If the selected folder is invalid, an error message will be displayed with the list of files that are missing in the folder.

The following details about the Agent Service distributives are displayed on the Distributives page:




The version of the Agent Service distributive.


The size of the Agent Service distributive.


The description of the distributive which was uploaded.


The following action can be taken upon the Distributive:

  • Delete

This will delete the selected Agent distributive.

Selecting the valid Distributive

While uploading, the files that are mandatory for the Agent Service update should be present in the bin folder. The bin folder contains AgentService and AgentConnector folders. The bin folder should also contain descriptor.json and localagent.updater.jar files.

The following files are uploaded to the Local Agent server:

· AgentService/localagent.agent.service.jar

· AgentService/

· AgentConnector/localagent.agentconnector.jar

· AgentConnector/

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/NLog.dll

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/XPI_SDK.dll

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/Newtonsoft.Json.dll

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/NLog.config

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/DotnetBridgeNetCpp.dll

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/DotnetBridgeNetWrapper.dll

· AgentConnector/DotnetBridgeApp/DotnetBridgeNet.dll

The Tomcat server by default limits the size upload size of the distributive. This may cause error while uploading the distributive. To overcome this limitation, it is recommended to set up the maxSwallowSize value of Tomcat configuration to -1.

For example: <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" maxSwallowSize="-1" />