Deploying Applications on GigaSpaces (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Deploying Applications on GigaSpaces (Magic xpa 3.x)

This guide provides recommendations and guidelines for deploying Magic xpa projects in a high-availability, clustered environment using the GigaSpaces middleware. The guide covers all topics required to achieve a highly redundant, secure and scalable environment.

The guide will describe the steps for installing and configuring a small-scale server cluster with three application servers, one database server, one front-end web server, and shared file system (SMB) storage, as illustrated in the following diagram:

Server Installation

The recommended deployment method is to install Magic xpa on each node that participates in the cluster (APP1, APP2, and APP3 in the example above), and to deploy the project metadata to a shared network folder.

Out of the application servers, two machines need to be allocated to serve as Lookup Service (LUS) servers. These two machines provide name resolution services for the cluster.

Note: The Space middleware requires Java 1.7 to be installed on the server.

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