Data-Bound Choice Controls (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Data-Bound Choice Controls

Various choice controls can be set to be data bound, which will provide the end user with a range of available options taken from a defined database table.

You can easily make a choice control data bound by defining the following properties:

  • Data source number – The table from which the choice control options are taken.

  • Display field – The field that is displayed as the option to be selected.

  • Linked field – The field value that is returned as the selected value.

  • Index – The index by which the table records are ordered.

  • Range Fields – A list of range values set for defined variables of the source table to limit the range of options.

A data control may display duplicate values of the displayed field in the choice control. Selecting any one of the duplicate options returns the corresponding linked field. Duplicate value options of the linked field are disregarded and are not displayed. Only the first occurrence of the linked field value is displayed.

The view created by a choice control is cached for every data control.

  1. The view is cached according to its defined range criterion. The view of a data control will be taken from the cache only if the full range criterion matches a previously fetched view of the same data control.

  2. The cache of the various views is handled separately for each variable, and it is not reused for identical data controls of other variables. Each data control of a specific variable has its own cache of records.