Context Inactivity Timeout (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Context Inactivity Timeout (Magic xpa 3.x)

The context information kept on the server side requires resources. To relieve the server from keeping numerous contexts that might exhaust the system resources, a timeout can be set for the context.

This setting determines the time, measured in tenths of seconds, that a user who is executing a RIA or browser-based program will stay connected to the Magic xpa application while actually being inactive (absence of client/server interaction).

When the context timeout is reached, the context is cleared from the server.

If 0 is explicitly set, the Context Activity Timeout is infinite.

When a RIA or browser-based program is activated from the Studio, the Context Inactivity Timeout is infinite.

Default: 864000, meaning 24 hours (Since version: 1.9c; before that: 36000)

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Magic.ini and Command Line name: ContextInactivityTimeout