Connectors Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Connectors Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

The Connectors page lists connectors which are stored in the Connectors storage and are ready to be deployed to hosts where Agent Services are running. A user can also upload Connectors from his machine or network to the Connectors storage.

The page provides a filter to search the Connectors based on the pre-defined criteria. The filters available are for Connector Name, Version, Runtime Technology, Has Step, and Has Trigger.

Upload Connector

The Upload Connector button provides the user a functionality to upload the connector to the Local Agent Management Server's Connectors storage.

The connectors built with the Local Agent Compatible=True field in the Connector SDK can only be uploaded. The Local Agent Compatible field in the Connector metadata ensures that it has a resource with predefined parameters needed for Local Agent.

The Runtime technology of connectors should be either Java or .NET. Connectors with Runtime Technology as Magic xpa are not supported.

This option is available only when a Management ID is selected from the All Management IDs list. If the All Management IDs option is selected, user can see the list of connectors but will not be able to upload a new one.


· The SDK connectors which do not have metadata.xml file cannot be uploaded.

· Only those connectors can be uploaded which have UI Type as Dynamic (D).

· On changing the UI Type to Static (S) an error will be thrown and the connector will fail to upload.

The following details about the Connectors are displayed on this page:



Connector Name

The name of the connector


The version of the connector


The size of the connector in kilobytes

Runtime Technology

The Runtime technology of the deployed Connector. It can be either Java or .NET.

Has Step

Displays whether the connector has a Step.

Has Trigger

Displays whether the connector has a Trigger.


The following action can be taken upon the Connectors in the Connectors storage:

· Delete

· Push

On clicking the Push button, the list of available agents will be shown. Here select one or more Agents to which the connector needs to be deployed and click the Deploy button. Confirm the selection by clicking the OK button in the confirmation dialog box.

Those Agents where the connector is in a Changing or Disabled state or Agents where the given connector is already deployed, will not be shown in the list of available Agents.