Composite Resource Repository (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Composite Resource Repository (Magic xpa 3.x)

You can access the CRR by selecting CRR from the Project menu, pressing Shift+F7, or clicking CRR in the Navigator pane

The Composite Resource Repository (CRR) contains all of the calls to external components.

From the CRR, you can:

  • Reload a component interface or load a new component by selecting Load/Reload Components from the Options menu. When an ECI file is loaded or reloaded, Magic xpa checks the component type defined in the interface and changes the Type property of the CRR accordingly.

  • Invoke a wizard that will both create a component that connects to an external resource and create the component’s interface.

  • See the component interface by zooming from the Name column.

  • Assign rights to a component.

  • Use the Locate mechanism to locate a specific component type.

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