Checked Out Objects (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Checked Out Objects (Magic xpa 3.x)

From the Version Control menu, select Checked Out Objects and the Checked Out List screen will appear.

A log in screen may appear before the Checked Out List screen appears. The log in screen is provided so that you can retrieve additional check out information, such as comments. If the log in is unsuccessful, or you click the Cancel button, the additional check out information will not be available.

This screen provides a list of all checked out objects, who checked them out, and when they were checked out.

For objects that are checked out by other users, the user name will be other user. In this case, you can see the user who checked out the object in the VC object properties.


Most version control providers only display the objects that were checked out by the current user, including Visual Studio and other IDEs that use SCC API.

To see the objects that were checked out by all the users, use the version control utilities.

Some version control providers have a configuration setting that governs this behavior.