Check Out Object (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Check Out Object (Magic xpa 4.x)

The Check Out Object option copies the latest version of the object to your local machine and is now ready for you to make changes to it.

When you select Check Out Object from the Version Control menu, the Check Out dialog box opens. This dialog box lets you enter a comment before you check out the object (if the Version Control provider supports the comment for the Check Out operation).

A developer can edit an object only after checking it out. Without checking out the object, the developer is limited to read-only access. Note that although the Form Editor will not appear to be read-only, any modifications applied to the form will not be applied if the program is not checked out first.

All Magic xpa repositories, except for the Program repository, are checked out as a whole unit. For example, checking out a specific data source will check out the whole Data repository. Programs are checked out individually.

Magic xpa supports the checking out of an object only once (by one user), and until it is checked in, no other user can check it out. Some of the Version Control providers enable several users to check out the same object, and Magic xpa cannot prevent this situation. You should avoid this situation, or the project objects will get lost.

To check out the Program repository, park on entry #0 at the top of the repository, and then select the Check Out Object option from the Version Control submenu.

You can only import objects from an Export file created in Magic xpa. When you start the import process, the Check Out screen opens. This screen shows the objects in the Export that you should check out. The only object you can choose not to check out before the import is the Main Program. For additional information, see Version Control – Export/Import.