Automatic Processing (Magic xpa 4.x)

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Automatic Processing (Magic xpa 4.x)


The Studio engine can perform automatic operations in the background and Development modes. Operations are listed in a text file defined in the Magic.ini file in the [MAGIC_ENV] section as AutomaticProcessingSequenceFile=file name

When a Magic xpa generator engine loads in background mode, it automatically executes the operations listed in the AutomaticProcessingSequence file.

If the engine is in background mode and is not loaded as a server, it will automatically shutdown after the last listed operation.

Automatic processing can be useful for running a series of automatic operations at specified times.

The name of the AutomaticProcessingSequence file can be defined by using a logical name.

See also Automatic Processing Sequence Example.


There may be instances where you want the processing to happen in the background, and not open up the application at all. For instance, you might want to simply export an application into a document. In this case, you can set up the Magic.ini so it executes the commands, then quits. You do this by adding the line: AutomaticProcessingMode= B to the [MAGIC_ENV] section.

The Simulate operation does not work when AutomaticProcessingMode=B.

This property is relevant only when the AutomaticProcessingSequenceFile property is defined. If no such file is defined, the AutomaticProcessingMode property will be ignored and the Studio will be loaded in foreground.

When this property is set to any value other than b or B, or not set at all, the Studio will be loaded in foreground.

When this property is set to b or B, the Studio will be executed in background and will execute the automatic processing sequence file.

As the processing is completed, the Background studio will terminate.

This property is not available in the environment settings interface and is not included in the default INI files.

Note: The Deployment mode, which controls the Runtime engine window mode, has no effect on the Studio, not even in automatic processing.

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