Agent Connectors Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

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Agent Connectors Page (Magic xpi 4.13)

The Agent Connector page lists the details of the Agent Connectors deployed for the Agents and the time the information was last synced.

It also provides a filter to search the Agent Connectors based on the pre-defined criteria. The filters available are for Connector Name, Agent, Project, Host, Mode, Status and ID.

The Agent Connector page allows the user to Start a New Agent Connector as well as view the details of the existing Connector(s).

Start New Agent Connector

Click this button to start a new Agent Connector. Enter the required details and click OK. To exit the selection, click Cancel.

The details of the Agent Connectors are displayed on this page.



Connector Name

The name of the connector.


The name of the Agent on which the connector is deployed.


The name of the project in which the connector is added.


The host machine name for the Agent Connector.


The Mode of the Agent Connector, whether it is a Step or a Trigger.


This status of the Agent Connector.

· Running

· Paused

When the Agent Connector is Paused, it is not going to reject incoming requests. It only tells the calling side (Magic xpi Server) that the caller should not use this Agent Connector while it is paused.

Load (Current/Maximum)

This property displays the number of requests currently in process and the maximum number of requests Agent Connector can accept simultaneously.

When the Agent Connector reaches the maximum load, the Agent Service will spawns another instance of the Agent Connector.

By default, the maximum value for the Load is 44. Its value can be modified for each connector in connectors.xml file.



The numbers here display the number of requests failed, succeeded, acknowledged and total number of requests received respectively.


(Invoked/Returned/Timed Out)

This property is only applicable for Trigger type of Agent Connector. It indicates the number of requests which are currently in the - Invoked, Returned and the Timed Out state.

The Invoked count shows the number of requests sent to the Magic xpi server.

The Returned count shows the number of Flow Complete responses in case of External Triggers.

The Timed Out count shows the number of Invoke Flow requests for which the Flow is timed out without completing.

The value of the Returned parameter is always 0 for Async type of triggers.


The ID of Agent Connector.

Last Updated

The last updated time for the Agent Connector.


The following actions can be taken upon the Agent Connector:

· Resume (for Paused status)

· Suspend (for Running status)

· Terminate

  • The Suspend action is not applicable for Trigger type of Agent Connector.

  • Before modifying or deleting the connector, stop projects that are using the Trigger type of Agent Connector.

Filtering the Information

The above information can be filtered by any of the columns in the Agent Connector details table.

Select the Filter criteria, enter the value to filter and click the Apply button to filter the data based on the selected criteria. To cancel the filter criteria, click the Clear button.

The information can be filtered and searched based on any of the columns from the list below.

· Connector

· Agent

· Project

· Host

· Mode

· Status

· ID

  • The Timeout value to wait for the server’s response to the new Agent Connector is set to 5 minutes by default.

If the project is not up and running, once the timeout period is reached, the Agent Connector will get terminated and removed from the Agent Connectors list on this page.

  • It is not recommended to start a trigger Agent Connector from the Management Console. The trigger Agent Connector will start automatically when a Magic xpi project containing a Local Agent trigger is started.