AStr (Magic xpa 2.x)

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AStr (Magic xpa 2.x)

Applies a selected format to a string value.


AStr(source string, format string)


'source string ' The string value to be formatted.

'format string ' The string value that determines the format of the source string value.

The characters below are placeholders or modify a corresponding character:

  • X – Any character

  • H – Any character

  • # – Any character

  • U – Corresponding character is switched to uppercase

  • L – Corresponding character is switched to lowercase

The A character, used for Auto Skip in an Edit field, is ignored.

Numbers define the repetition of the preceding format character. If a format character does not precede the number it will repeat the number of times the X format character appears.

For example: The format of 2@3U5 is the same as XX@@@UUUUU.

The backslash, \, character lets you define an operator as a fixed character.

For example: '('abcd','2@3A\U\5\A') returns 'ab@@@U5A'

If the total length of the character placeholders provided in the format string is smaller than the source string length, the remaining characters are truncated.


The modified source string value determined by the format string.

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